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Become a Certified Professional Coach

Coaching Certification


Become a Certified Profession Coach!

Our courses are online, 16 hours, accredited.

Excellent for:

  • People who love people and want to facilitate transformation in individuals to live their best life.

  • People who want to earn a credential to demonstrate their credibility.


Students enrolling in Best Ever You's live online course can successfully complete their training and earn their Certified Professional Coach (CPC®) Credential in 16 hours of highly interactive, live online study.

We're accredited members of the Strategic Learning Alliance and Wainwright Global Coaching.


Here at Best Ever You, we don't just train you and let you figure it all out on your own!  We offer modules for continuing education and starting up your new coaching business, as well as support systems to ensure you are successful.


Welcome to Best Life Coach Academy's Certification and Training official website.


Become a Certified Professional Coach when you successfully complete our 16 hour life coach certification course online plus portfolio submission. 

Best Life Coaching Academy is a divison of The Best Ever You Network, located at  We've been helping people be their best since 2008.

Best Life Coaching Academy is led by Master Life Coach and Best Ever You Founder, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and a team of experienced and certified professional coaches.

We are affiliated and accredited by Wainwright Global Coaching and the Strategic Learning Alliance. Wainwright Global began in 2006 and continues today with Live In-Person Certified Professional Life Coaching Training.


Best Ever You Academy
Your Choice for Life Coach Education


Changing lives for the better requires more than just a friendly nudge. It’s about listening to your clients, pinpointing things that hold them back and finally helping them achieve their goals. Your zest to serve people is certainly a great starting point, but it’s not enough. It must be backed up by proper skills to motivate your clients to move on and keep mentoring them all the way through. Be sure to acquire them with all-round life coach education. Best Life Coach Academy is where you start. We are a certified life coach academy that facilitates your learning through in-person and online means. Founded in 2008, Best Ever You, LLC has helped thousands of people from all walks of life become go-to mentors for their clients so far. If you can’t wait to start paving your way in the field, choose your professional course and get the ball rolling.

People During Workshop

Our Approach

As an accredited academy, we have developed a unique approach to preparing the best life coaches and providing all our graduates with certification. Here’s what our methods focus on:

  • skills and techniques needed to deliver the highest-quality coaching experience

  • effective coaching system that is proven to help people achieve success

  • ongoing support and tools to let our graduates provide the most tangible results

This approach is then tailored to our online life coach certification programs. As they are niche-based, our courses deliver different techniques and methodologies. But whether you are looking to become a relationship coach or a leadership development expert, you will get familiar with the system that works every time.


“This class changed my life.”

Certified Professional Coach

Deb Landry

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